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            The Presbytery of Ottawa
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Welcome to the Presbytery of Ottawa photo gallery. Contributions of photos of Presbytery events are most welcome!

Photo Gallery:


November 5, 2017
Meg Patterson inducted into St. Stephen's church, Ottawa:
counterclockwise from top left: Meg and Doug Kendall, moderator of presbytery;
Denise Allen-Macartney & Grant Wilson, co-interim moderators;
the Benediction.



May 11, 2017
Cedric Pettigrew was presented with an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree at the 150th convocation of Presbyterian College, Montreal.
Pictured above is the Rev. Dr. Cedric with Rev. Dr. Dale Woods, principal of Presbyterian College.





May 7, 2017
Shahrzad Kandalaft ordained and installed into the Barrhaven Mission work.
(click on any pic to view enlarged version)



February 20, 2016
Presbytery hosted a "Day of Discussion" on the issue of human sexuality and the PCC, held at St. Paul's church, with over 100 in attendance.
Invited speakers were (left to right) Rev. Dr. Clyde Ervine, Rev. Beth McCutcheon and Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston. The Ottawa event was modelled
on one hosted by the Presbytery of Hamilton on Jan. 30. Video presentations from that event are available here.



January 31, 2016
Phil Kim inducted into the Knox Manotick charge
The top photo shows Moderator of Presbytery John Tyler leading the Act of Induction.
In the bottom photo Phil is pictured with his wife Anne and two boys Elijah (left) and Manny.



January 30, 2016
Ottawa PYPS Winterlude event, Knox Ottawa



December 15, 2015
Local Presbyterians at the final meeting of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission



September 9, 2015
Induction of Jim Pot into Knox Ottawa with David Brittain, Moderator of Presbytery



May 22, 2015
The unveiling of the Witness Blanket; Mayor Jim Watson on the left, two first nations representatives, Justice Murray Sinclair,
Master Carver Carey Newman, and the other commissioners of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.



September 21, 2014
Upper Room officially constituted as a congregation of the PCC




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