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The Presbytery of Quebec
    order: pastoral charge, mailing address of church, minister(s)

  1. Inverness, St. Andrew's (ecumenical shared ministry with Inverness, Kinnear's Mills and Thetford Mines United Churches), 339, Rue des Érables, Inverness, QC G0S 1K0: Barbara Fotheringham   ·  

  2. Leggatt's Point (ecumenical shared ministry with Métis Beach United Church), c/o Joan Craig, Box 189, Price, QC, G0J 1Z0: Vacant

  3. Melbourne, St. Andrew's, 1169, Route 243, Richmond, QC, J0B 2B0: Vacant   ·  historical note re: $2 bill

  4. Quebec, St. Andrew's, 106 Ste. Anne, Quebec City, QC, G1R 3X8: Katherine Burgess   ·  

  5. Scotstown, St. Paul's, c/o Ms. Mary MacDonald, 198, Rue de Ditton, Scotstown, QC J0B 3B0: Vacant   ·   picture

  6. Sherbrooke, St. Andrew's, 256, Rue Queen, Lennoxville, QC, J1M 1K6: Susan M. Smith (Stated Supply)   ·  

  7. Valcartier, St. Andrew's (shared ministry with St. Andrew's, Quebec City), 1827 Boul. Valcartier, P.O.Box 591, Valcartier, QC G0A 4S0: Katherine Burgess (minister in association) · church contact

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    This map shows the location of each church within the Presbytery of Quebec, as well as Camp d'Action Biblique (near Richmond QC), which is managed by the presbytery. note: in cases where street addresses were not available, other sources were used to locate the church.

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