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The Presbytery of Ottawa     webpage (note: the Presbytery webpage contains more details on vacancies, interim moderators)
    order: pastoral charge, mailing address of church, minister(s)

  1. Carp, Trinity, 1817 Richardson Side Road, Carp, ON K0A 1L0 Shaun Seaman · church office   ·  

  2. Gatineau, Que., St. Andrew's (Aylmer), 1 Eardley Road, Gatineau, QC J9H 7V5: Vacant

  3. Kars - Vernon pastoral charge: Liz Chan

  4. Manotick, Knox, Box 609, Manotick, ON, K4M 1A6: minister: Philip Kim · church office

  5. Orleans, Grace, 1220 Old Tenth Line Rd., Orleans, ON, K1E 3W7: Stated Supply: Jonathan Dent · church office   ·  

  6. Orleans, Jesus the Only Way Arabic Evangelical Mission,* 1220 Old Tenth Line Rd., Orleans, ON, K1E 3W7: mission contact     ·  


  1. Richmond, St. Andrew's, Box 910, Richmond, ON, K0A 2Z0: Wayne Menard · church office   ·  

  2. Rockland, Rockland Community Church (formerly The Upper Room), Chamberland Hall, next to Park Simon, parking lot entrance at 1517 Laurier St., Rockland ON: Stated Supply: Ruth Draffin   ·   church contact   ·  

  3. Stittsville, St. Andrew's, 20 Mulkins St., Stittsville, ON, K2S 1A6: Doug Kendall · church office   ·  

      *   this is a mission work of the Presbytery of Ottawa.

      **   this is an extension work of the Presbytery of Ottawa undertaken by the Barrhaven Church Planting Task Force, and is not yet an official congregation.


Other Ministries
  1. Deputy Director, Chaplaincy Services, Canadian Armed Forces: Bonita Mason
  2. Graduate Training, Chaplain, Canadian Armed Forces: David A. Stewart


equalizing ministers*
  1. Interim moderator, St. Andrew's - Aylmer, Gatineau QC: Floyd R. McPhee
  2. Co-interim moderator, St. Giles, Ottawa: Cedric C. Pettigrew

    * equalizing ministers are ministers normally on the appendix to the roll of presbytery who are currently serving as interim moderators of congregations within the bounds. They are added to the constituent roll of presbytery during their term as interim moderator. Their names return to the appendix once their term as interim moderator expires. For some background see the special edition of Equipping for Eldership on Book of Forms changes, 2019, pp 1,2.


Appendix to Roll

  1. Retired: Jack Archibald
  2. Retired: Emma Barron (Diaconal)
  3. Retired: Tony Boonstra
  4. Retired: Robert Ewing
  5. Retired: John C. Fair
  6. Retired: Kalman Gondocz
  7. Without Charge: Kelly Graham
  8. Retired: Janet Ham (Diaconal)
  9. Retired: Dorothy Herbert (Diaconal)
  10. Retired: David C. Kettle
  11. Pastor, Ottawa Korean Presbyterian Church: Justin Kim
  12. Retired: Samuel J. Livingstone
  13. Retired: Dan MacKinnon
  14. Retired; Minister Emeritus, St. Andrew's church, Dartmouth, NS Robert A. B. MacLean
  15. Retired: William C. MacLellan
  16. Without Charge: Alex M. Mitchell
  17. Retired: Arthur M. Pattison
  18. Retired: Linda E. Robinson
  19. Retired: Gerald Sarcen
  20. Retired: R.M.A. (Sandy) Scott
  21. Retired: R. MacArthur Shields
  22. Retired: David Vincent
  23. Retired: Mark A. Ward
  24. Retired: David E. Whitehead
  25. Retired: Linda L. Whitehead
  26. Retired: Gordon E. Williams

Missionaries - Retired

    Pauline Brown, Jobat Christian Hospital, Jobat, M.P. 457-990, District Jhabua, India

Presbytery Clerk

    James T. Hurd, 10 Chesterton Dr., Ottawa ON K2E 5S9, phone 613-225-6648, fax 613-225-8535



    This map shows the location of each church within the Presbytery of Ottawa, as well as Gracefield Christian Camp & Retreat Centre (near Gracefield QC), which is managed by the presbytery. note: in cases where street addresses were not available, other sources were used to locate the church.

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