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The Presbytery of Montreal
    order: pastoral charge, mailing address of church, minister(s)

  1. Athelstan, 139 Ridge Road, Athelstan, QC, J0S 1A0: Vacant

  2. Beaconsfield, Briarwood, 70 Beaconsfield Blvd., Montreal, QC, H9W 3Z3: Sarina Meyer · church office   ·  

  3. Beauharnois, St. Edward's, 72 Rue des Écossais, Beauharnois, QC, J6N 1Z1: Enoch Lee   ·  

  4. Chateauguay, Maplewood, 215 McLeod Ave., Chateauguay, QC, J6J 2H5: lay missionary: Konstantine Theophanous

  5. Hemmingford, St. Andrew's, c/o Mrs. Sally Kyle, 825 Old Road, Hemmingford, QC, J0L 1H0: Vacant

  6. Howick, Georgetown, 920, Rte. 138, Box 347, Howick, QC, J0S 1G0: Bartholomew Alexander

  7. Huntingdon, St. Andrew's, 33 Prince St., Huntingdon, QC, J0S 1H0: Vacant   ·  

  8. Lachute, Margaret Rodger Memorial, 463, rue Principale, Lachute, QC, J8H 1Y4: Vacant · church office

  9. Laval (Duvernay), St. John's, 2960 Blvd. de la Concorde Est, Laval, QC, H7E 2H5: lay missionary: Paolo Ruscito   ·  

  10. Lost River, c/o Heather-Anne MacMillan, 5152 Lost River Rd., Harrington, QC J8G 2T1: Vacant

  11. Mille Isles, c/o 1261 Ch. Mille Isle, Mille Isle QC J0R 1A0: Vacant · church contact


  1. Montreal West, 160 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West, QC, H4X 2C1: Sampson Afoakwah · church office

  2. Pincourt, Ile Perrot, 242-5th Ave., Pincourt, QC, J7V 5L3: Elkanah Shekari

  3. Pointe Claire, St.Columba by the Lake, 11 Rodney Ave., Montreal, QC, H9R 4L8: Lara Scholey · church office   ·  

  4. Riverfield, St. Urbain: Vacant
        - Riverfield, Box 347, Howick, QC, J0S 1G0 (picture)
        - St. Urbain, Beechridge, c/o Mr. Neil MacKay, 333 Rang Double, St. Urbain, QC, J0S 1Y0 (page on church and cemetery)

  5. Rockburn, c/o S. McNaughton, 2488 Boyd Settlement Rd., Rockburn, QC, J0S 1H0
    (church address: 2475 Rockburn Sideroad, Franklin Centre QC J0S 1E0); Vacant · church contact

  6. St. Andrew's East, Box 121, St. Andrew's East, QC, J0V 1X0 (church address: 5 John Abbott St., St. André d'Argenteuil QC J0V 1X0); Vacant

  7. St. Lambert, St. Andrew's, 496 Birch Ave., St. Lambert, QC, J4P 2M8: Vacant · church office

  8. Town of Mount Royal, Town of Mount Royal, location: 1491 Laird Blvd.; mailing address: 39 Beverley Ave., Mont-Royal, QC, H3P 1K3: Stated Supply: Richard Bonetto


Other Ministries
  1. Principal, Presbyterian College: Roland De Vries
also visit the Presbyterian College websites: ·

Appendix to Roll

  1. Retired:   Richard Bonetto
  2. Without charge:   Chen Chen Abbott
  3. Retired:   James S.S. Armour
  4. Without charge:   Maurice Bergeron
  5. Retired:   L. Blake Carter
  6. Retired:   Cirric Chan
  7. Without charge:   Giancarlo Fantechi
  8. Retired:   Victor Gavino
  9. Retired:   Bruce Gourlay
  10. Without charge:   Hye-Sook Kam
  11. Without charge:   Kwang Oh Kim
  12. Retired:   D.Joan Kristensen (Diaconal)
  13. Retired:   D. Barry Mack
  14. Retired:   Gordon MacWillie
  15. Retired:   Ronald Mahabir
  16. Without charge:   David René Mang
  17. Retired:   Patrick A. Maxham
  18. Retired:   Sam A. McLauchlan
  19. Retired:   Jean F. Porret
  20. Retired:   Joe Reed
  21. Retired:   Daniel J. Shute
  22. Stated Supply:   Victor Vaus

Diaconal Ministries - Other

    Emily Drysdale, 736 Rue Ste. Margeurite, Montreal QC H4C 2X6

Clerk of Presbytery
    Michael Pettem, 3495 University St., Montreal, QC, H3A 2A8, phone 514-601-1532 (cell)



    This map shows the location of each church within the presbytery. note: in cases where street addresses were not available, other sources were used to locate the church.

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resource: for those seeking knowledge of historical Presbyterian churches in Montreal: Presbyterian Churches of Quebec City and Montreal, compiled by Jaques Gagné, 2015-06-08.



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