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The Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry
    order: pastoral charge, mailing address of church, minister(s)

  1. Avonmore, Gravel Hill, Finch: Stated Supply: Cheryl Gaver
        - Avonmore, St. Andrew's, 3256 County Road 15, Box 104, Avonmore, ON, K0C 1C0
        - Gravel Hill, St. James-St. Andrew's, c/o Bryce Robinson, 17341 Amell & Renald George Rd., RR 1, St. Andrew's West, ON, K0C 1V0
        - Finch, St. Luke's-Knox, 28 Front Street, Box 220, Finch, ON, K0C 1K0

  2. Brockville, First, 10 Church St., Box 885, Brockville, ON, K6V 5W1: Marianne Emig Carr · church office   ·  

  3. Caintown, St. Paul's, c/o Ms. Angela Cowan, 344 Old River Road, R.R.#3, Mallorytown, ON, K0E 1R0; Vacant

  4. Chesterville, Morewood, Winchester: Bruce Kemp
        - Chesterville, St. Andrew's, c/o A. Langabeer, Box 671, Winchester, ON, K0C 2K0
        - Morewood, P.O. Box 204 Morewood, ON, K0A 2R0
        - Winchester, St. Paul's, 517 Main St. W., Box 879, Winchester, ON, K0C 2K0

  5. Cornwall, St. John's, 28, 2nd St. E., Cornwall, ON, K6H 1Y3: interim minister: Ian K. Johnston · church office   ·  

  6. Dunvegan, Kirk Hill: Julia Apps-Douglas (on leave) · interim moderator
        - Dunvegan, Kenyon, 1630 County Road 30, RR 1, Dunvegan, ON, K0C 1J0   ·  
        - Kirk Hill, St. Columba, 20950 Laggan-Glenelg Rd., Box 81, Dalkeith, ON, K0B 1E0   ·  

  7. Iroquois, Riverview, 22 Church Ave., Iroquois, ON, K0E 1K0: Geoffrey P. Howard   ·  

  8. Kemptville, Mountain: Samer Kandalaft
        - Kemptville, St. Paul's, Box 797, 319 Prescott St., Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0   ·  
        - Mountain, Knox, 2227 Simms Rd., Box 35, South Mountain, ON, K0E 1W0

  9. Lancaster, Martintown: Ian C. MacMillan
        - Lancaster, St. Andrew's, 20389 Church Street, Box 524, Lancaster, ON, K0C 1N0   ·  
        - Martintown, St. Andrew's, c/o Heather Buchan, 4186 Squire Road, R.R. #1, Apple Hill, ON, K0C 1B0

  10. Maxville, Moose Creek: Vacant
        - Maxville, St. Andrew's, 21 Main St., Box 7, Maxville, ON, K0C 1T0
        - Moose Creek, Knox, 1 St. Polycarp Street, Box 328, Moose Creek, ON, K0C 1W0

  11. Morrisburg, Ingleside: Feras Chamas
        - Morrisburg, Knox, 10 First Street, Box 1042, Morrisburg, ON, K0C 1X0: · church office   ·  
        - Ingleside, St. Matthew's, 15 Memorial Square, Box 520, Ingleside, ON, K0C 1M0: church office   ·  

  12. Prescott, Spencerville: Vacant   ·  
        - Prescott, St. Andrew's, 425 Centre St., Box 94, Prescott, ON, K0E 1T0
        - Spencerville, St. Andrew's-Knox, 48 Bennett St., Box 81, Spencerville, ON, K0E 1X0

  13. Vankleek Hill, Hawkesbury: James Douglas
        - Vankleek Hill, Knox, 29 High Street, Box 269, Vankleek Hill, ON, K0B 1R0   ·  
        - Hawkesbury, St. Paul's, 166 John St., Hawkesbury, ON, K6A 1X9   ·  


Other Ministries

  1. Ministry Animator, Ottawa/Seaway-Glengarry: Cheryl Gaver


Appendix to Roll

  1. Retired: Greg Blatch
  2. Retired: Mark R. Bourgon
  3. Retired: Paul Chambers
  4. Retired: Johan A.Eenkhoorn
  5. Retired: James Ferrier
  6. Retired: Marion Johnston
  7. Without Charge: Harold Kouwenberg
  8. Retired: Ian MacLean
  9. Retired; Minister Emeritus, Knox, Vankleek Hill: Robert Martin
  10. Without Charge: Donna McIlveen (Diaconal)
  11. Retired; Minister Emeritus, St. Johnís, Cornwall: Fred Rennie
  12. Retired: Gerald Sarcen


Clerk of Presbytery
    Donna McIlveen, 1711 County Road 2, Johnstown, ON, K0E 1T1, phone 613-657-3803.



    This map shows the location of each church within the presbytery. note: in cases where street addresses were not available, other sources were used to locate the church.

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